Teaching Experience

I have taught at both four-year universities and community colleges. Classes I have led include a broad array of topics in the Biological and Allied Health Sciences. These include general education courses such as Environmental Science, General Biology, and Health Science. I have also taught major's courses such as Human Anatomy & Physiology, Evolution and Human Nutrition.

Teaching Philosophy

I seek creative ways to continually improve my teaching effectiveness.My teaching approach includes a variety of techniques to make science learning accessible to students. For example, I employ diverse presentation formats in order to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles, and I develop active learning exercises such as in-class group work designed to increase student engagement. I stress critical thinking skills whenever possible, and I gather evidence for teaching effectiveness using exercises that encourage student questions and feedback. I use student questions and feedback to refine my teaching approach and tailor my techniques, as much as possible to the needs of each group of students.



Courses Taught

2012-3 Adjunct Professor of Biology. Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA. Courses: Human Anatomy & Physiology; Evolution, Diversity & Ecology Laboratory, Introduction to Human Nutrition.

2009-2012 Adjunct Professor of Biology. De Anza College, Cupertino, CA. Courses: Human Anatomy & Physiology, General Biology, Health Science, Contemporary Nutrition.

2008-2013 Adjunct Professor of Biology. Mission College, Santa Clara, CA. Courses: Principles of Evolution & Animal Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, General Biology.

2005 Co-Instructor. University of Washington, Program on the Environment. Course: Introduction to Urban Ecology.

2003 Teaching Assistant. University of Washington, College of Forest Resources. Course: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation.

2003-2004 Research Mentor for Undergraduate Wildlife Science Student Research Thesis.

2002 Lecturer in Biology. University of California, Riverside, Department of Biology.
Courses: Introduction to Organismal Biology, Introduction to Evolution and Ecology.

2001-2002 Adjunct Professor of Biology. Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA. Courses: Environmental Science, General Biology, Health Science




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