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I am an ecologist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My Background:

I have a broad background in biology. I teach several courses in Biology as well as having extensive experience as a field biologist. My strengths include wildlife research and management, including: study design, data collection, report preparation, and communicating with both expert and general audiences.


Protected Species Experience & Training

CA Red-Legged Frog.

• CA Tiger Salamander.

• Marbled Murrelet.

• Western Burrowing Owl.



Analytical Skills

• CEQA training.

• NEPA experience.

• Geospatial data analysis (ArcGIS).

• Technical & scientific writing.

• Study design & implementation.

• Statistical analysis (SPSS, R

Field Skills

Habitat Assessment.

• Listed species surveys & monitoring.

• Avian ecology & identification.

• Hiring & supervising technicians.





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